Cold Flashes – An Introduction

Cold flashes are said to occur in human body when the individual experiences sudden chillness or coldness coupled with shivering, without any external trigger. In general the cold flashes follow hot flashes and night sweats which are characterized by sudden feeling of hotness without any external stimulus. Both the hot and cold flashes come up randomly and can get uncomfortable to handle. They also can cause sleeplessness if occurred during nights.

Reasons For Cold Flashes

Firstly, let us be aware of some of the reasons for cold flashes to occur.

  • In women during menopausal or perimenopausal state, cold flashes can follow the hot flashes. To know if you are in the state, you can check with the symptoms of menopause which include – anxiety, moodiness, irritability, weak bones and muscles, hot flashes and night sweats. Usually women experience cold flashes soon after hot flashes and night sweats. In this case, where cold flashes are a part of the symptoms of menopause, the deficient production of estrogen is the reason for the occurrence.
  • Pregnant women also can get cold flashes now and then since even they undergo random hormonal changes and imbalances.
  • Men also go through a phase analogous to menopause named Andropause. During this phase, men also go through erectile dysfunction (ed), anxiety, lack of motivation, less libido, joint pain, weak muscles, hot flashes and night sweats. So definitely “cold flashes” is also in the list of the symptoms.
  • People having hypothyroidism also can get cold flashes. In this case, the thyroid is not very active due to which cold flashes are induced into the body.
  • Anemic individuals also can get cold flashes due to weakness. For women, it could be due to blood loss during menstrual cycles.

Possible Cures

Next, let us find out the possible cures to keep a watch on cold flashes…

  • Maintaining a well balanced life style will help you to a very large extent. Your body clock should be properly maintained by having good eating and sleeping patterns.
  • Eating healthy food is imperative too. Take good servings of vitamins and minerals. If the cold flashes are due to weakness in the body, eat iron rich food or get iron supplements prescribed by your doctor.
  • Have a relaxed mind. Due to hormonal imbalances you will already be going through a stressful period so both your body and mind will get further agitated if you stress yourself.
  • Hot flashes and cold flashes can be connected. If this is the case then look up for the things you can to control hot flashes. Some such strategies are not having caffeine and alcohol, wearing right clothes, having healthy habits, keeping away from tobacco etc.
  • Another strategy is to undergo therapy involving bioidentical hormones’ induction into your body. This is called hormone replacement therapy. Since the natural hormones get depleted, the bioidentical hormones take their place and normalize the functions of the body.
  • Other natural remedies and herbal treatments are also prevalent.

Cold flashes are definitely uncomfortable but are not incurable. By getting to know more about it and the right treatment, you can easily get rid of it.